Tom McGillen

Tom McGillen lampoons the world with quick comedic observation and cutting-edge delivery. His show features a crazed cast of his own making. Tom's fabrications range from an "Outback Australian" to everybody's favorite befuddled deputy "Barney Fife" to hilarious insights of his outrageous family.
Tom skews Bill Clinton in a musical parody of The Eagles "Hotel California." He pokes fun at the 'Retro-Craze' via 'Austin Powers,' Robert Wagner and 'Beaver Cleaver.'

It is Tom McGillen's three-character spoof of Godzilla monster movies that leaves audiences in riotous applause.
The Los Angeles Times says "McGillen's movie re-enactment is the best in the business – a hilarious, unforgettable send-up of a badly-dubbed, horribly-acted monster movie."

His television credits include Fox-TV's "Comic Strip Live" and "George Schlatter's Comedy Club," "Showtime Comedy Hour," A&E's "Evening At The Improv," VH-1's "Comedy Spot Light," MTV's "Half Hour Comedy Hours" and Comedy Central's "Stand Up Stand Up." 

Tom McGillen has opened for many top name acts, including Jay Leno, Crystal Gayle, Eddie Money, Rita Rudner, Rosanne, Rodney Dangerfield, Glen Frye, Dennis Miller, Dana Carvey, Louie Anderson, Maynard Ferguson, The Doobie Brothers and Rosie O'Donnell.


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