Elaine Tallas-Cardone
Michael Cardone

You will never have to sit and wince through a boring entertainer again!

Elaine Tallas-Cardone is the founder of Car-Tal and has worked in the entertainment industry for over twenty years. Elaine Tallas-Cardone has worked with almost all the Nation’s leading comedians at comedy’s oldest institution, The Ice House in Pasadena, California. With a watchful eye and the tutorage of The Ice House owner, Bob Fisher, Elaine has booked the likes of JAY LENO, BILLY CRYSTAL,TIM ALLEN, GEORGE LOPEZ, GARRY SHANDLING, DANA CARVEY, ELLEN DEGENERES, ROSIE O’DONNEL, DENNIS MILLER, ARSENIO HALL, just to name a few.

Elaine, a Canadian, was introduced to the comedy industry in 1982 shortly after arriving in the United States by her husband, Michael Cardone. Michael is a Director of Photography working on feature films and independent projects, which includes video productions of Corporate Events for companies such as Trans Union and American Express.

The comedy explosion of the 80’s led Elaine from The Ice House Office Manager to booking agent. The comedy club scene expanded to over 200 comedy clubs across the country. The reputation of The Ice House spread to Independent club owners who opened clubs from Hawaii to Indianapolis, and The Independent Booking Network was created. The quality of the shows at The Ice House and the clubs of the Network inspired millions to attend “live” comedy shows during comedy’s finest decade. The original roster of 400 entertainers has increased to the over 4,000 currently available.

Elaine Tallas-Cardone currently books all the comedians for I.B.N. (The Independent Booking Network) which consists of several comedy clubs across the country. Elaine’s input is always in demand by the talent coordinators of The Tonight Show, Casting Agencies and Producers of Comedy Festivals for Montreal, Aspen and Las Vegas, but her prime focus is providing clean comedians to Event Planners and organizers of corporate events. With this vast experience, utilizing the services of Car-Tal Entertainment and Elaine Tallas-Cardone guarantees the ultimate in customer satisfaction.

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