Debi Gutierrez

DEBI GUTIERREZ should be easy to describe. She's an All-American Latina mom with sharp wit. Simple right? NOT QUITE! Debi is a former teacher and a rising stand up star who also happens to have a pretty typical family life in Los Angeles. When she's not making people laugh across the country she's home raising her kids and being a suburban super-mom.

It's "The Mom Thing" that fuels most of Debi's comedy. The late Erma Bombeck once said that an editor had encouraged her to write about what she knows. Erma said, "What I know every woman in America knows and is drinking gin in the afternoon trying to forget!" DEBI GUTIERREZ lets that same honesty guide her on stage. She has a modern day attitude while dealing with timeless situations like kids, a husband, and latino stereotypes.

Moms & Dads agree, Debi's biting, "tell-it-like-it-is" humor about life, parenthood and marriage is right on target! With stories about her 3 kids and Marine husband, she'll take you on a wild ride that everyone can relate to. If you're single, a parent or are married or not... you'll love her show!

She is currently the host of KCET's "A Place of Our Own"


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