Rocky Laporte

If the cliché about comedy coming from pain is correct, then Fullerton resident Rocky LaPorte, whose life story reads like a Mickey Spillane novel, can't help but be funny.
An ex-professional boxer and truck driver shot three times and stabbed twice, LaPorte has literally been beaten into the form of a comic. But despite all the hardship, LaPorte remains one of the most lovable guys you'll meet.
Reminiscing on how poorly he did in school, LaPorte explains, "One time I brought my report card home and I go, "Hey, Pop, I got a "B" in reading!" He goes, "That's a "D" you idiot!"
Another childhood memory finds a young, supine Rocky gazing at the stars and wondering, "Where the hell is the roof?"
Rocky, described by blue-collar empress Roseanne as "Very funny. Very good," is a veteran of numerous TV appearances. He's had stints on Comic Strip Live, A&E's Evening At the lmprov and Caroline's Comedy Hour.


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