An avid sailor, EVAN DAVIS knows that comedy audiences, like weather conditions at sea, can be unpredictable. So no matter how many times he does it, EVAN'S stand-up comedy never unfolds exactly the same way. To EVAN, comedy is not an act... it's an event, tailored to please any crowd. His warmth, likeability, and natural stage presence provide an empathetic audience for his innocent curiosity. Their defenses down, EVAN uses a naive charm to question life's absurdities and ride each punchline to an intelligent destination. His versatility allows him to tack and jibe at will, making him one of the top comedians working in television, clubs, and corporate events today.

EVAN grew up in the Pacific Northwest and possesses a smart but countrified curiosity. Born the son of an engineer and a choreographer, it's easy to see how he acquired his comedic intellect and an artful comedic delivery. EVAN knows the value of laughter in coping with any 'culture shock'.

EVAN's talents were first discovered at Washington State University, where an acting scholarship kicked off his formal training. After some fifteen stageplays and a summer in repertory, EVAN graduated with a degree in Theatre Arts. He moved on to Seattle, working briefly in commercials; but his new-found love of stand-up comedy changed the course of his career. EVAN won the Seattle Stand-Up Comedy Competition and progressed to the Nationals which aired on Showtime Television. This win spurred many invitations to the celebrated San Francisco comedy clubs.

EVAN's career gained momentum in San Francisco as he established himself as a headlining comedian in the Bay area. He became a finalist in San Francisco's hotly contested Tenth Annual Comedy Competition, and attracted the attention of Hollywood's talent purveyors. EVAN was invited onto Ed McMahon's syndicated show, "Star Search" where he made eight appearances, including the finals. EVAN has since made over forty television appearances, including "Evening at the Improv", the Fox network's "Comic Strip Live", and PBS's "Comedy Tonight". Most recently, EVAN can be seen as a regular performer on NBC's "Tonight Show with Jay Leno". He is a frequent headliner at the "Comedy and Magic Club" in Hermosa Beach, and is the founder of a comedy writing consortium called Headwriters.

When not performing in Las Vegas and the corporate speaking world, EVAN spends his time writing material for numerous television and stage performers.

EVAN DAVIS has a unique, positive perspective on life. It's reflected in his mariner's lifestyle. He has been living aboard sailboats in the Marina del Rey for the past ten years, and has sailed extensively. EVAN adapts to any situation, and as described in Las Vegas "What's On?" magazine;

 "...he takes the audience into the palm of his hand… he creates a safe place to experience and look at all the chaos in your life and in the world."


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