Vic Dunlop

Actor/comedian/entrepreneur Vic Dunlop was born in New York City, but decided to move to California when he was two years old. "I had to get out...the pressure was just too much"

Vic attributes his success in comedy to three major influences--his father, Catholic school , and the Army. His father, Vic Dunlop, Sr. (stage name: Victor Marko) is a successful character actor whom Vic caught the acting bug from at an early age. "I watched him suffer", Vic recounts lovingly, and said, "That's what I Want to do too, dad!" Vic attended Catholic school and credits the strict disipline of the nuns as good preparation for his stint in the Army...and Vietnam.

At age 19 Vic was drafted into the Army and itw was there that he honed his comedy. Vic thought that his "slight obesity" and flat feet would spare him a junket to Vietnam, buth the Army happily accomodated him . As a result, he was sent to the Army "fat farm". "We were forced to wear pink armbands to separate us from the skinnier recruits. I learned to laught at the absurdity of it all".

Dunlop completed his stint in the Army and was offereed a future as an accountant with an oil company. After two months he bailed out. "It was just too tie and jacket for me". After doing a number of odd jobs he stated a comedy group with his brother and three friends. Called "Natural Gas", this improvisational comedy group appeared frequently at the Comedy Store in Hollywood and was, later, hired as the comedy regulars on "Don Kirshner's Rock Concert".

Vic next won 3rd place in the Los Angeles Stand-Up competition and landed a two year deal with "Make Me Laugh".
Vic has appeared in "Meatballs II", "The Devil and Max Devlin", and "Skateboard USA". He is truly a man for all actor, comedian, inventor, and entrepreneur. His talent and drive are as endless as his creativity.


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